Donna Louise here. I’m feeling better now after coming down with some nasal thing. My friends have diagnosed me with allergies which are now, and will continue to be, affected by the mold. Seems the winter was not cold enough to kill it all and now mold colonies threaten to take over the world.

Then there were the friends who told me that I brought this cold on myself as a way to stop and rest for a few weeks. “Donna Louise, you’ve had so much happen to you since the beginning of the year that, once your body relaxed, you could experience being sick to recover.” The logic of that argument escapes me.

My BBFF, Bob, told me he didn’t believe those people. “You just got sick. Who wouldn’t given the warm, sunny, 80 degrees days followed by the cold, gray 35 degree days.” That’s one reason I like Bob. He doesn’t lay a guilt trip on me…usually.

After the threat of snow, which did not happen, and a hard freeze, which also did not happen, and a forecast for the mid- to upper-50s today, I’m healed. I will leave the house soon for the closest branch of the public library to pick up my zombie detective mystery by Kevin J. Anderson. With book in hand I’ll go visit my friend at the tea shop and find out what’s been happening in her life lately, followed by lunch and then tea and cookies with friends at 4. Sounds like a wonderful day.

As my birthday anniversary approaches, I’m planning several events to celebrate another year completed. A dear friend and her husband have asked me to dinner on Saturday and the ballet. Normally I would not attend a ballet, who needs to see dancing anorexia, but my friends have scored tickets for Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo.

 When Daphne told me her plans for our evening, I must have sounded less than happy because she said, “They’re men in tutus doing ballet. What’s not to like about drag ballet?”

 I breathed a sigh of relief because I thought it was one of those state ballets, but Icouldn’t argue with her about fun of seeing me in pink (I hope they’re pink) tutus. If I understood correctly, the troupe will dance “Laurencia,” a Soviet-era ballet where the peasants rise up and kill the evil Commander who has taken Laurencia to “know” her (if you get my drift) and imprisons her husband, Frondoso. The proletariat won’t stand oppression of their kind and rise up…typical Soviet-era ballets from all that I’ve seen. All power to the people! Sounds perfectly dreadful, but with men in tutus going en pointe and whirling around the stage appeals to me. So I’m off to the ballet on Saturday night.

Speaking of power to the people, planning session will occupy a great deal of my time in the coming week or so. On May Day SIS (Sisters in Struggle) plans a big parade and demonstration in honor of women and their right to control their own bodies. The Penile Auxiliary will march in the parade. I never grow tired of seeing huge penises marching in precision drills.

One of the women’s groups has made a huge globe which they will carry in the parade with an equal number of men. At some point they will walk away leaving the guys to carry the burden of the world on their shoulders alone. It’s a visual aid.

Some of the women may go topless, but that depends on how warm it is on the day of the march. We’re sure to attract a crowd.

Spring is here…again…and a young woman’s thoughts turn to borrowing books from the public library. I’ve got to go before the homeless people take control of the first floor. Bless their hearts, some of them haven’t bathed for at least two years and the library is always too hot on days like today. At least the guys are polite. Ah, such is life in the early part of the 21st century.