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Donna Louise here. Snow-geddon II: Return of the Snowstorm, hit late last night or early this morning. It’s impossible at this moment to know if it’s still snowing or if the snow is simply blowing from other places. High winds have hit and snow globs fall from the trees and rooftops. It’s not a good time to be outside walking because you might find yourself pelted by masses of snow.

Yesterday was another day of madness at the grocery store. No place to park for drivers who just had to run to the store to get some last minute items. No shopping carts to use because they were all out. And lines about thirty people long with the necessities like cookies, wine, hard liquor, eggs, bread, mouth wash. The store resembled an ant hill of activity.

For three days in a row, the eggs disappeared from the shelves as quickly as the store employees set them out. Green vegetables emptied out of the bins. Green vegetables? Maybe lots of vegetarians eat green vegetables during Snow-geddon.

People in electric scooters and wheelchairs zoomed up and down aisles. One man in a scooter almost got nailed by a pick-up truck when he shot out into the parking lot without looking. He wanted to get home before the snow started, but he almost made it to his heavenly home.

I still can’t walk on the sidewalks because of the depth of the snow. Looks like I’ll be walking in the streets for weeks now until all this stuff melts.

Hope you all are safe and warm. So far the electricity has stayed on. Flickering this morning as I was making breakfast, but nothing since then. In the area to the west of me 3,500 people lost power when the lines snapped under the wet snow.

By the time all these snows have passed, I will have the cleanest house on the block. I never realized how much time I spend away from home. Oh, well, gotta get my Belgian endive rolled in ham out of the oven and put in my ear of corn to roast in butter and red pepper. That’s lunch today.

Again, take care and be careful if you have to drive in this stuff.

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so not delightful, and the weather people said, “It’ll snow” and it snowed and it snowed and it snowed.”  A parody of  “Let it snow” by yours truly.

Donna Louise here. After less than 24 hours cooped up in my house due to Snow-geddon, I’m ready to grab a black marker and a piece of poster board to make a sign, “Repent. The end of the world is at hand.” I don’t recognize the interior of my house after hours of picking things up and dusting and doing whatever I could to keep my mind off the snow outside. This is crazy-making.

I have new appreciation for the pioneers stuck on the plains in blizzards. The families, where one went crazy at the sight of snow and more snow, howling winds, and being stuck in a small space with your family, caused them to snap and eat everyone in the household. At least, cannibalism would have provided an activity to take one’s mind off the snow—not that I’m advocating cannibalism.

I baked scalloped oysters in the morning, made barbequed ribs in the evening and drank tea all day. The snow kept falling until more than a foot of the stuff accumulated on my stairs. I shoveled, but, within an hour, you couldn’t tell I’d made any effort at all. So I quit, put my shovel away and retreated to the warmth of my house.

Unlike the pioneers on the plains in the winter, I do have the internet although that can be as unfriendly, cold and barren as a winter in Nebraska. Photographs of the snow here in the city popped up on the screen followed by comments from climate change deniers and conspiracy theorists about how Obama is using changing weather patterns to get his way. (Observation:  He’s not doing a good job if that is his intent.) Then the global warming people responded. Soon it was a blizzard of socially impolite and factually incorrect pieces of people’s minds zinging back and forth across cyberspace.

I think people should not be able to post to comment boards without giving their full name and email address. Otherwise, they can say the most irresponsible and cruel things without worrying about someone getting their info and bothering them at home. People must give that information when making comments to the newspaper editors. Of course, the addresses don’t appear in the paper, but they should. If you have a strong opinion, then be willing to stand up for it regardless of how dangerous or ridiculous your position may be.

As you can probably tell, cleaning my house makes me cranky which is why I avoid doing it much at all. Later today I will dig out my shovel and shovel out my stairs and sidewalk. The woman down the street didn’t walk her dogs yesterday as they would have disappeared in the snow. Someone else told me I have 48 hours to remove the snow from my walks. That means I can wait until Saturday afternoon to do anything depending on whether you count from the time the first snow fell or the snow stopped. I’m going with the time the snow stopped.

Oh, well, time to take a little nap before I find myself cleaning something else. Yes, I realize I just got out of bed and just finished my breakfast, but naps are for any time and that time is now.

Almost forgot—Happy Birthday, George Washington. You were the first. America has changed a lot from the time you knew her. Happy Birthday anyway.