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Donna Louise here admitting I can’t keep up with my life and blog at the same time…at least not now. I plan to take a vacation until February 1, 2013…a time to rest and reflect on my life, a time to prioritize my responsibilities, and a time to just sit in a chair staring straight ahead at nothing. I need this break.

In Mexico, I ate breakfast at the same place every morning (Toucan Freddy’s). Using my limited knowledge of Spanish,  I said, “Adios” one day as I left. The waiter told me, “No, no, Senora, you only say adios when you won’t see the person for a long time. If you plan to see me again, you say, ‘Hasta luego’ or ‘Hasta la vista’ or ‘Hasta manana’, but never ‘adios’ unless it’s goodbye for a long time.”

He was a lovely man. In thinking about what he said, I reminded myself that we have various ways of saying “good-bye” in English too although they have become pretty much mushed together as we are lazy speakers of our native language and not into fine details in our use of language. Look at how we interchange “would” and “could”  AND “can” and “may.” Each of the words in the pair have subtle (and not so subtle) differences in meaning.

So, dear readers, hasta lluego (translation, “I’ll see you later”…February 1, 2013). Until then take care of yourselves and think of me sitting in a chair somewhere staring off into space.

Donna Louise here getting a late post on-line at almost 1 p.m. One of the dogs next door escaped early this morning during potty time. The boys noticed her gone when they went to call her in so they could head off to work. That was about 6 a.m. We’ve been running around posting pictures on telephone poles. Carl sent a “lost dog” email to the neighborhood association’s lost pet registry. He included his phone number. Before it was all over 100 people tried to claim the $100 award.

At 9 a.m. a man called to report he had the dog. She had come up to him and his dog while they were out walking and followed them home. She had no ID and she wasn’t chipped which reduced the chances of anyone finding her. The boys had a little spat over that issue that ended with some doors slammed and names called.

When I asked about “chipping” a pet because I didn’t know what they meant, Carl explained, in today’s world, people can have chips implanted in their pets to locate them should they become lost or should someone steal them. That brought back memories of the aliens who landed in the boys’ backyard which Homeland Security says is a shared hallucination. I think the boys’ have been chipped.

If you read accounts of alien abduction and probing, the ETs always put a little tiny ball under your skin. Perhaps they follow up like we do other animals on this planet. We can track birds, deer, elephants and household pets. The ETS, who are light years ahead of us technically, probably want to track humans in the same way. What are our migration patterns? Where do we like to spend lots of time? Those sorts of things probably interest other life forms.

Or maybe chipped humans are like pets and the ETs sit around and say things like, “My human hasn’t moved from that spot for 24 hours. I wonder what she’s doing?” Or, “My human went shopping yesterday for 15 hours. How about that? I bet yours doesn’t shop that long.” Then again, maybe they just sit in front of giant video screens and watch the little dots move all over the globe. We’ve become the ETs’ ant farm.

If I’m chipped, my ETs will witness me taking an afternoon nap. I hope they’re having fun with my life.