Donna Louise here putting the candy in bowls to give out tonight when the little monsters visit. Not many people in the ‘hood have children so I will hand out candy to the few little ones on the block before I turn off my porch light and withdraw to the upstairs for the evening if I decide to stay at home.

I called Detective Yank Kaiser to tell him about the the vampire sex scene. He said he’d visit Mina, Lucy and Brad (the Count’s name when he isn’t flitting around in a black cape with white face). Yank wants to impress upon them how much they cost the city in detective dollars and how he won’t arrest them this time. I thanked him for his kindness. I hope Mina doesn’t try to deck him. Then again…

All my friends back East are fine. They survived Frankenstorm although many of them are without electricity.

Now I need to decide what I’m going to wear to greet the kids tonight. I think I’ll paint my face green, put on some fake fingernails, and practice diabolical cackling. Somewhere in this house lies a witch costume I wore a couple of years ago. Though somewhat sexually suggestive in the way it was made, I think a few alterations will make it a G-rated costume in which to hand out candy. I better get busy and find it.

Sean and Arnie called to invite me to their condo for a Halloween party tonight. I may close up the treating early and head over there. I think I’ll go as Greta Van Susteren, the Fox News commentator and Scientologist. I wouldn’t even need to remove my green face make-up. That would be a pretty scary costume even for Halloween even without the green face.

Better get to work on those costumes before the day flies by and I’m greeting children as Donna Louise.

Have a safe and happy Halloween. Be safe if you trick because it could end up not being such a treat.