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Donna Louise here watching to see if March goes out like a lamb or a lion. It’s part of my doctoral thesis in American Studies entitled, The Truth Behind Aged People’s Tales in America. “Old Wives’ Tales” isn’t politically correct in today’s world. I searched for a PC word for “old” and decided on “aged” and then selected the generic term “person” to not be sexist.

How many of the old sayings like “Cut the ends of the ham off so it will cook faster” are true? Is there a Law of Threes that foretells additional deaths when one person dies?  How about the belief that you must give a penny when you give a knife as a gift so the recipient can give the penny back to you to keep the relationship from being severed?

I’m sure you all can think of other sayings that come under the classification of “Old Wives’ Tales” even if the people who started them weren’t old or wives.

Mama believed in the Law of Threes which says:  If someone you know dies, then two other people you know will die. Variations exist, but that’s the basic law.

Some of my favorites that I’ve collected are:

If you sit under a pine tree on Christmas Eve, the angels will sing to you, but you’ll die soon after. (Probably from the pneumonia you’d contract from sitting on the cold ground waiting for the angels to sing.)

It’s bad luck to see a redhead on New Year’s Day. (I need to find a redhead to ask what he/she does on New Year’s Day. Do they wear hats or wigs to disguise their hair color?)

If the palm of your left hand itches, you’ll receive money. If the itch hits your right hand, you’ll meet someone new.

Break a mirror and you’ll have seven years of bad luck. (That happened to a friend of mine.)

If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion (or vice versa). (The first day of this month was cloudy like a gray lamb. The forecast for today says sunny skies and high temperatures. When the day is over I’ll assess the accuracy of that old saying.)

Fat, furrier squirrels mean a harsh winter. (Last year we had the fattest, furriest squirrels I’ve ever seen, but the winter was very mild.)

If you have any “aged person’s tales” please post them as I’m still working on my thesis.


Donna Louise here shaking my head at the stupid things people do. As I was reading some of the blogs about the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida and the media circus it’s become, I came across an interesting story about a recent incident in Pennsylvania, where they have a “stand your ground” law like the one in Florida. (NOTE: Kansas and Missouri have similar laws.)

The pastor of Glad Tidings Assembly of God carried out a role playing exercise with the youth group. He wanted to show them what it was like to be a persecuted Christian missionary. Unfortunately he neglected to tell the kids or their parents of his plan because he wanted the experience to be real.

Two armed men burst into a room, pulled pillowcases over the heads of the youth, and pushed them into a van. One of the men said, “Just do as I say and you won’t be hurt.”

The kids were taken to the minister’s house where they witnessed the guys attack him.

In the end, the pastor told the kids the truth and everyone rejoiced that they don’t live in a country where that kind of thing happens…for real. They joked with the pastor about his sense of humor, held hands to sing “Kum Ba Ya”, and ate cookies and drank milk. Everyone went home knowing that God loved them.

That’s what the plan might have been, but some of the kids hated the role playing and reported the incident to the police and showed the bruises they’d received.

Turns out the act of kidnapping a minor is a second-degree felony punishable by up to ten years in prison. The minister may become well acquainted with the experience of being prosecuted for pretending to be persecuted. When asked about the incident, he said he has no plans to drop the role playing, but next time, he’ll obtain the parents’ permission. Next time?

If any of the members of the youth group or their parents had carried a concealed weapon, they could have taken the role playing to a whole new, more realistic level. The armed men might have died because their guns weren’t loaded.

Here’s my prayer. God, the minister has too much spare time. Please send him to jail so he can start a prison ministry to Your greater glory and learn to stand his ground—unarmed and with his back to the wall. Amen.